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We make fireplaces of different sizes and models. These are fireplaces that heat the entire
house to an area of 200 m2, even on several floors. There are traditional fireplaces on solid fuel, gas and combined.
In an open fireplace heat utilization is 18%, and closed at about 70%, additional advantage of the indoor fireplace is eliminating danger of fire. Consumption of wood is very small and there are no problems with the removal of ash. Wood heating should be dry and is best purchased a year earlier. Firebox of cast iron is much more efficient conductor of heat from the steel plate (used in models with Heater-fan). Besides shape and composition of cast iron fireplace significantly affect the radiation heat. Stack can be made from the level above room in which the fireplace is. Top of the chimney (not including protective cap) should be at least 40 cm above the upper point of the roof.

Fireplaces give the beauty of space, comfort crackle of open flame, fuel economy. The possibility of setting up an automatic device, the regulator for the consumption of wood in accordance with the warmth of space required. Our technology enables our fireplace burning with energy use to 93% less pollution and get more heat. Fireplace hearth can be open or protected with transparent thermal glass so that the fireplace becomes a central part of the house around which we gather, enjoying the warmth of fire and the pleasant smell of wood.

Convenience heating gas fireplace is a permanent flame fireplace that is easy to maintain, fell at a distance and regulated by thermostat in place.

Mixed fuel
This model allows the fireplace to take advantage of both forms of heating, while skillfully avoid deficiencies.

Heating houses by the principle Airo-system
Fireplaces warm the house on the principle of flow of air through the room. With installations in the rooms, the air in the pipes is directed to heating the room you want. We get quickly heating of space with proper humidity, with constant bringing of fresh outside air through the installation. Regulate the temperature in each room using an electronic device-thermostat, regulating various open entry of warm air in any room. Warming without hydraulic device and the radiator through the channel system for the air we get easy and economical installation that can be incorporated into each apartment.

Cap is also a fireplace heater which provides free hot sanitary water with the warmth of the smoke (as accessories).
The old fireplace can be improve with the model for installation Termojolly (air system) and achieve a better comfort while to warm up the entire house.
Heating houses by the principle of Aqua -
According to this principle fireplaces manage all the devices for heating hot water both new and existing (with radiators, floor heating, floor heating and sanitary water heating).

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